Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of my issues that I addressed with the counselor at the adoption agency is how my family never speaks of my daughter or her adoption. It's been very hard. I don't need for her to be spoke of often, but it bugs me that she is never talked about.
She asked why don't I just speak up. I didn't have a answer for that. After some thinking I think I can answer.
1. When I blog about my daughter and adoption no one really takes my hints to talk to me.
2. It's been bred into me to stay quiet so it's just what I do.
3. Lastly, I have major trust issues. I don't trust that I won't make the mistake of spilling too much and revealing Izzy's full name to them. I just don't trust them. I don't want to share her with them.

Tonight, I have made one last attempt on my normal blog to see if I can get anyone to speak of my daughter. I have asked for anyone who is interested to make a scrap book page for her book for her 18th birthday. If no one does it, then I will need to accept the fact that I can't change others.

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Tracey said...

I am so sorry! Yah just can't choose your family can you. I've realized that with some people IF I want a relationship with them...I have to accept the way they are and deal with it as is. I find my "family" fulfillment from others like hubby. God bless.