Saturday, July 11, 2009

birthday stuff

Since today marks two more months until Izzy's birthday it's seems like a good day to write about what I am thinking about her birthday. I haven't yet shared any of this with my husband. He seems to be getting a little more supported as of lately. I have left my blog up and he ask asked questions like who is Izzy. Also, last night he helped me a tiny bit with a scrap book page.
Well, like I said before, I want to release 18 balloons into the air, on Izzy's birthday, around her neighborhood. I want to be able to take pictures of it for the book. I want to throw a bone out there to my readers on my "Normal blog" (family) to join me with celebrating her birthday. I would also like to extend a invite for anyone who is interested to join us for dinner out. I want to throw this invite out there about a month ahead of time and see who bites. I have to be willing to accept that no one will. I can't control others. For some it's easier to just ignore. I will be okay as long as I can have my husband's support. If I am still at my current job, I might request the Sunday after her birthday off so I can have a long weekend. If I am at the new job, I hope I can still get the time off, because I don't think I have ever worked on her birthday. It's something that I just can't do.
I can't believe it's been 18 years already. It's hard to think of her as anything, but a baby or child, but I got the photocopied pictures of her from the library to prove that she has grown into a beautiful young lady.
I would also like to ask my readers if anyone would like to release one balloon into the air on her birthday and send me a picture. How amazing would it be if I can show her someday that bloggers around the world took a few minutes out of their day to think of her.


RB said...

What a cool idea! I love it!

BB said...

I think it is a great idea!! I love the balloons!! I am very glad your husband seems to be being a little more supportive. I think you are doing the right thing by not really pushing him, but leaving it out there for him to initiate. I am so glad he is responding!!