Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Izzy

In two months, you turn 18 years of age. Wow!! I really have missed you. In my letters, I love telling you somethings about me that you would already probably know if I had raised you. I have always loved dolls. I still remember at the age of 12 when my Mom bought me my last doll. She thought I was getting too old for them, but I had to have it. The commercials said, this doll would talk. I remember being so excited thinking I could talk to this doll. Little did I know is that all it would say is feed me and other kind of boring stuff for a 12 year old. A cousin of mine that it would be fun to destroy the doll, but that didn't end my liking dolls.
When I was married to my first husband, my Mother in law, but me a few porcelain dolls and while I still have them, but I have come to find another kind of dolls that I like. There is this cool doll shop on Alpine Rd and she sells all kinds of dolls. It may some silly to some, but she lets people put them on layaway and pay for them over time. I have bought two dolls from her and have one more that I am slowly paying for. My husband buys the furniture for them. We have one doll in a old wooden highchair and another in a baby bed. Here is where I get a little silly. I just love to buy them clothes and change their clothes. I have picked up clothes at the goodwill's and yard sales. These dolls are more easily to manage. They are sort of expensive, but not so easily breakable. I love to play games with them. I will wake my husband up telling him the baby is crying. I like to tease my kids and tell them that they wet their diaper. It's all in good fun. We stopped yesterday, at a yard sale and I was looking at the baby clothes for my dolls and my husband tells them that I buy clothes for the dolls. I kind of looked at them with the most serious face as if I can't be the only person who buys baby clothes for dolls.
I can't wait until we meet again. I know we will. I can feel it from within. I love you girl.

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