Monday, September 30, 2013

The magical age.... is ,,, 37

I blogged about stepping out of my comfort zone here.

I can think of a couple ways that I seem to be getting stronger, braver or just plain crazy.

The first one is that I have signed my son up for a feild trip with his school to go to Washington D.C. in the spring. It will cost 1200 and his father has agreed to split the cost. I knew I couldn't afford the full 1200 on my own and he offered. I am taking a huge leap of faith that he won't let our son down.
I just think this is a once in a lifetime experience and how awesome would it be for my son to go with his class.

My son's father even mentioned bringing the trip up to friends and family about the trip and they could help pay for it. Is that tacky? Even the teacher mentioned kids begging grandparents ect.. I just think it's tacky.

Did I mention that my son will be flying?? Double yikes!! I have never flown in a plane and be honest you will not get me on one. No Thank you!!

My other big step out thing is that my little sister is getting some time off from school and wants family to get together. She has managed to talk our Mother into a trip and asked if I would go with her. Yikes!! I have travel anziety and my Mom and I just are not close and have somewhat of a dysfunctional relationship. We have seen each other more this past 6 months than I have probably in the past two years so things are much better compared to where it used to be.

I emailed my Mom to double check she was really going and didn't mind that I tagged along with her. She agreed on both accounts so in a couple weeks I will be setting out on a road trip to Tennesee and on the same day my older sister who lives in TN will be setting out to drive six hours to pick my little sister up and bring her to TN. Does my little sister have a way to get family together or what??

I have mentioned that I have travel anziety and this trip won't be any exception. I get scared easily. However, my Mom is renting a car so it's not my car so no fear there. Also, my Mom is driving so no fear there. Hope she knows I don't know how to read maps!! Yikes!! 12 hours with my Mom in a car should be interesting. Maybe it's a sign of the times to come having a Mother in my life.

My husband mentioned to me he discovered another bike path and we were suppose to check it out together cause he wanted to make sure it was safe. He was unsure I could find it on my own due to it being a couple turns in the neighborhood. So, we talked about taking our bikes and riding it. I wanted to figure it out cause I wanted to run it. Just itching to get a longer run in.

So he got all lazy on me cause he worked his normal 8am to 10 pm shift and rode his bike home! How dare him be lazy!! Just kidding about being upset with him.

I went to the YMCA where I do my run and at my half way point I noticed a sign and I thought to myself that's probably where the other track is. I checked out and just on whim actually found the running path or bike bath. What are those things called anyways?? LOL

I ran it and at one point it says that your going onto the street now and I was disappointed that it was the end so I just kept running on the road. I tried to be paying attention of what was around me to better my chances of not being lost. Running on the street is another area where I just feel weird and it was like I just didn't care what others thought. It's September 30th and warm!! Not gonna get many more warm days so gonna do what I want. 37 years of age must be that magic number when people just come into their selves and so whatever pleases them.

I say go for it! As long as it's not murder or hurting small children or animals just be you!! I ended up running almost 8 miles which is about double what i normally run. It took me two hours and then I did my strength training and had to rush home so my husband could drive himself to work.

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