Sunday, September 15, 2013

birthday 2013

Izzy loved her flowers that I sent her. I think they were beautiful!!

She thanked me right on facebook and posted this picture of her flowers that were left at her door. It made me feel really good that not only did she love them that she shared them on facebook. The sharing on facebook shouldn't mean anything to me but I do feel left out when she shares other stuff from her family on there. I have to remember that this reunion thing is still a process that I have to accept at her level of comfort and maybe it has teken until now to feel comfortable showing things from my side of the family.

What was even more huge tham Izzy posting the picture and tagging my name is that Izzy's Mom liked the status!!

Oh wow!! I couldn't believe it. She has made the effort to acknowledge that I exsist in our daughter's life. I just find that huge! I know I have mixed feelings about her mother and at times I would love to crush her life a bug. Just a little humor!! I am only human. I get jealous. So I guess I have to accept her mother's faults of simliar traits. I don't know where the future will take us..

But I know one thing and it is that her parents did an awesome job raising her! I am grateful to them for that.


Pam said...

Wow! That is huge! That is really a big deal. I am happy for you for the improved relationship.

Wendy said...

Beautiful gift and I love that she shared the photo on Facebook. Pretty awesome that her mom "liked" the status, too!! (I get excited when Zoe's birth family "likes" things I post, too. Makes me happy!)

Anyway, yay!!