Thursday, September 19, 2013

retreat weekend

I had the chance to go to Easter Seals Annual retreat yourself weekend again. It was my 3rd year going and each weekend goes way too fast.

This year was a little different cause it was the first time that I had a roommate. My friend, Susie, who I met at the first retreat was bummed out her normal room mate wasn't coming to the retreat so I offered. I had already shared a room with her and a bed at the Galena retreat so I was already comfortable with her.

I had a pretty good weekend! It was nice to get away. It seems like I have had a week from hell following the retreat. So my question long until the next retreat?? haha

I am torn if I will attempt the Galena retreat or not. I know my friend Susie will want me to go but I find myself so worried about being lost and left that I really need a buddy with me badly. It's not until the spring so I have plenty of time to decide on it.

They fed us really good there and I took a bit of a diet and logging calorie break. I did the logging break cause it's really hard to count if your not preparing the food and I did the diet break cause it's hard to be in control when your not preparing the food.

I had thought I had gained weight but I am back right at my last "check in" weight and 2 oz under so that is all good.

I feel like working out has been a struggle due to my son going to school and my husband's job. I am still going but not quite as often. I started this program a few weeks ago called ActivTrax at the YMCA. It prints out a workout for me to do with me picking the cardio and then I do what machines and floor exercises it tells me to do. It's been a little bit of a challenge cause in the weight room I am not in my comfort zone.

Each time I go, I feel myself getting a little less awkward feeling around all the meat heads. LOL It's mostly strong guys in there. So I get to say I am playing with the big boys.

Every 25th, I take new pictures. It will be interesting to see the pictures this month. I don't think I have had much in the loss department but people are telling me I am smaller. So we shall see how my famous skirt and jeans look in one week. I will try to post those pictures.

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