Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Answer to a Question

Does my sister and other family members ask about Izzy?

My little sister is probably the only one that still asks about her and that I totally feel open talking to her about Izzy. Even then I feel a little guilty cause Izzy and my sister was connected thru facebook and Izzy went on a deleting spree of people she didn't talk to her and deleted my sister and quite a few of my other family members that had made the facebook connection. When I asked Izzy why she did it she said she just deleted people who she didn't talk to on there.
There were a couple people like my stepmom and her friend that Izzy deleted that I didn't care so much about.

Both my sister and Izzy recently got a fitbit so I suggested they friend each other and they did.

My Dad was really curious about Izzy until he actually met her and has never really brought her up again. He also met my very good friend that day and thought she was hot! So he continued to ask about her.

My brother and Izzy had a falling out on facebook. He was probably the only one trying to make conversations with her on there and he ended up offending her badly and she deleted him.

My big sister knows she is on there but so far hasn't attempted to friend her.

So all in all. Izzy has met my little sister, my little brother, my Dad, of course both of her brothers, my husband and even my ex husband ect cause she was invited to a party. Even though people have met her she still seems to be a topic that most people would rather avoid.

I don't know if they get that vibe from me or what. At times, I still find myself uncomfortable talking about her. I think it's the confidence thing. At times, I don't feel satisfied with our relationship and I don't really want to sound badly if I speak poorly of it. I don't want people to have negative thoughts ect. like they will look at me and think it must be my fault cause I am not good enough for her. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense.

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