Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another way to connect

I mentioned that I had thought about getting Izzy a fitbit but she got one as an early birthday present from someone else. I believe her fiance gave it to her. I just love having one more way to connect with her. With fitbit you can have friends and compete with each other.

In the beginning I was always way ahead of her but lately she is getting ahead of me at times. I am not sure if she is stepping it up a bit or I am slowing down. I suppose it could be a combination of both.

I have even gone as far to delete some of my fitbit friends I don't know so she would come up on my screen. That was when she was kind of low on the list. I just love seeing her pretty face that the other had to go. It's just a lot of fun competing with people in general but I get so much more out of it if I know them.

I can tell when someone was near their computer or when they been active and it's fun to think oh Izzy just got home from work ect.. or Izzy had a big jump she must have done zumba or went for a nice long walk or run.

It's a way we can cheer each other on and also give each other a hard time. I guess in a way.. it's just a little bit of normal stuff to us. We are doing what we find fun and having a good time watching the numbers.

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