Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tomorrow I will see Alex for the first time he got his job. I don't recall how long it's been since he has been working. I think I have failed in the dept of getting over my fear and traveling to see him. I would like to get past that but honestly the hour drive there and the hour home sort of gets in the way of a tyical lunch or visit.

He is actually in town tonight but my husband and I both had to work. So he will come over tomorrow after I get done babysitting at the church and then stay the night. I told him I am free until Tuesday when I got to work.

It will be interesting to see how the job is handling him. He was getting sort of thin.

Speaking of traveling, this time tomorrow I will be in Tennesee with my both of my sisters' and her family and our Mom. I am a little nervous about the trip and hope my Mom knows I don't read a map. I am a little worried about my diet soda addiction. I can't imagine I can drink what I normally drink and still make it in decent time. I do in home care so I can guzzle lots of diet soda and water and pee every hour. I am not going to be able to pee every hour so I shouldn't guzzle so much of either liquid. I will end up with a major headache from the lack of caffiene.

I hope to be at 80lbs lost by the weekend but I doubt I will make it. I am not eating little enough food to create that big of a drop so fast.

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