Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I blogged about some changes my family is in the middle of facing. You can catch up here.

On Friday, Stephen went with his Dad and I knew Dad was leaving Sunday morning so Saturday I called about the details of picking Stephen up. It was decided that we would go with the normal thing and I would pick him up from Grandma's. Then, my ex suggested I come out to the churches rummage sale that they were having and look at exersice equipment. Stephen told Dad that I had tons of room downstairs for it.

I thought about coming out but I had just did Zumba and if I was going to eat anything before work I had to go to the store so I told him to send me pictures. They had a treadmill for twenty bucks and I said I would buy it if they got it to me and I could pay. We made arrangements for the wife to bring it to me the next day.

I got to thinking how amazing it was that Dad was spending his last day of freedome volunteering for a churge rummage sale. He was due to leave the next day for truck driving school. After thinking about it. I came to realize that most likely the money raised was for my ex husband for his send off and or for his wife.

I hadnt recieved any child support in about a month and I will be honest my first reaction wasn't being angry that my twenty probably went to my kids Dad.

I did later learn by my son telling me this information was true. I didn't ask. He just blurted that they raised 120 or so dollars for Dad and new wife.

I am not upset because one I think I got a great deal. I have a working treadmill for twenty bucks. If I fail to use it the worst I am out in twenty. I have already tried running on it. It's something that I wouldn't want to do at the Y. Walk? yes. Run? No.

Second, I am not upset even though I haven't gotten paid support for my kids cause their Dad is in a tight situation and still without electric and gas and living with Grandma. (my ex mother in law) I really give my ex a lot of credit for finding a possible way out of this bad situation. They both work for the same company so the likely hood of them getting on their feet and to fall again would be high. I really do wish him the best and hope he is good at this job.

The decision we have to make and pretty fast is what are we going to do with the every other weekend he is suppose to go to Dad's. Dad is going to be on the road a lot and I was told he would be gone 3 weeks and home four. They will most likely count the day truck driver arrives home as one and they day they leave as four. So honestly they really are not home for 4 days. That was my current husband and my Dad experience as an over the road truck driver.

New wife is offering to still pick up Stephen for the weekend and we justh have mixed emotions on this and my current husband and I don't quite a agree. I won't go into my current husband's veiw on this at the moment.

I am on the fence with it. I know Stephen is the type that likes to go. He is like his Mom in that sense. He is big into routine and I believe he wants to go even though Dad won't be there. He likes the church functions even though I don't agree with some of the actions of the church I know he likes them. There is the sleeping arrangements to consider due to them staying at Grandmas. I don't know the time frame in them getting the bills paid. I know we are going come upon school situations as in homework or school events like rec night. One issue that I have with them and not sure I can change them is that from Friday to Sunday afternoon my son ate all his meals out but one. I will be honest I still eat fast food and am still losing weight. I beleive we are making progess with my son not continue to gain.

I am not sure what the right thing to do is. I blog another time what my husband thinks based on what he has told me.

By the way, on Monday, I checked to see if I got child support and honestly I wasn't expecting to see anything yet due to the money taking awhile after he got paid. I was surpirsed to see there and I am wondering if it's the last bit of money I see until his job gets moving.

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