Saturday, September 15, 2012


I know it's just a building but I am a little concerned about an upcoming zumba event that I plan on going to. It's not only my first zumbathon. It will be the first time I set my feet back into the jr high school where I walked in as a pregnant girl and had to face the stares and jokes when I came back to school 6 weeks later.

It was a very hard year and students were the main cause of making things harder than they needed to be. I also had support and even one of them is the person that today is representing my son for his educational needs. So, I have been there for a second to drop of an IEP but never past the front office.

I am wondering if being in the same building will trigger memories long forgotten? It also happens to be the same school that Izzy went to and so did Alex. Honestly, I never went there when Alex was a student there. It was only a year and I admit my fears kept me away. Just going by the school used to take my breath away. Luckily, it doesn't have that effect on me anymore.

I am hoping it's been so long that the building is like new to me. Hoping I don't remember the building and the layout. I can imagine we will all be in the gym. I am also hoping I can go in there and remember that things are different. I know my daughter.

I get my ticket for it today and then I have a couple more weeks before the actual day of the event.

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