Monday, September 24, 2012


My Zumbathon is just a few days away. In a few days, I will walk back into my junior high school and walk into the gym where the zumbathon is going to be done at. There will be hundreds of people doing zumba. I am hoping the thrill and excitment in the air will prevent me from going down memory lane. I have so many bad memories there. Some of it is the result of how the peers treated me so I suppose it's ironic that the money is being raised for bully prevention.

I am doing a huge debate to figure out. I am going alone due to not having anyone to go with. It doesn't bother me and I will probably see people from the YMCA there.

I mentioned to my friend when she asked if I was bringing anyone that I had thought about bring her daughter but concerned due to me being into zumba and not wanting to be "watching" her.

It's suppose to be a kid friendly event and a fun break dancing dance off in hour 3 of the three hours. I am thinking of bring my son and my friend's daughter but wondering if they would be okay together on their own.

I was assured there is a place for kids to hang out and activities for them. I am just on the fence if I want to share this day with kids. This will most likely be my first zumbathon and most likely I won't be able to attend another one, this year, since most of them are dong on Friday night's when I am working.

What would you do? Would you take kids with ya? I almost wish I knew someone who would be willing to go but not do zumba to be in charge of the kids.

If you haven't done zumba yet.. Google it. It takes a lot of attention and energy and my mind has to be on the moves and my body. I expect I might be more nervous due to the school and just being out of my element. There is also the bleachers knowing others might be just sitting watching it all.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to wear. In Zumba, I wear some short shorts and a tank top and I am comfortable. However, I look around and most people are covered more on the bottom with shorts down to the knees or full pants. I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb!! LOL

I am still cooking my two meals a week and have a really good recipe to share with everyone. I will try to do it tomorrow. It's an awesome fall dinner.

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