Friday, September 7, 2012

Challenged myself

I don't talk about it much but my husband hasn't worked in over a year. He stays home with my two sons and babysits our granddaughter pretty much full time. He does majority of the cleaning around here, laundry and cooking. I do a litte bit here and there but between working full time and my workout routine my husband is doing quite a bit.

At times, it's easy to get frustated if the kitchen is a mess or if something is behind like laundry. I have to take a step back and remember that he is working just as hard as me. One big difference is that I can't go to my clients house and not clean up the kitchen or not do this or that. That's where I get frustated but I know I am wrong.

I know I need to challenge myself to give a little bit more of my time at home and cooking is something that I do enjoy doing but I been slacking due to zumba.

I bought two cookbooks for my Kindle to try to get some ideas for meals and to do more cooking around here. I bought The incredible slow cooker cookbook by Catherine Reynolds.

The other one is Casseroles by Home cooking Books.

My challenge to myself is that I will cook one new meal from each book each week.

I didn't quite realize what I was getting myself into. First, I love to cook but very simple stuff and I normally shy away from recipes if I don't know the ingriedents and I am trying not to limit myself. A lot of the recipes call for spices and I have never been one with a cabinet full of spices.

Some of the recipes call for a big portion of meat and for the moment I am staying away from the expenseive cuts of meat.

It's been quite a challenge because I didn't really think about the prep time that goes into slow cooking and some of it you need to pre cook the meat and both my husband and I are like what? And how come it needs to cook for 8 hours? Just trying to trust it and just do it.

I been losing about an hour of sleep each night to eat breakfast with Stephen before he goes to school and it does give me the time to do the slow cooking recipe in the morning.

I was a little worried that these recipes would be higher in calories but so far they are not coming out too bad. I put the recipes in myfitness pal recipe box and enter the amount of servings and it tells me how many calories.

I hoping cooking like this will help me have less food wasted due to some of them needing some of the same ingriendents.

I have been doing this for two weeks now so that is four new recipes my family as tried. Everything has been pretty good and I could see making them again sometime. A couple of them I have changed up a bit to work with I had or to add or take away an ingreident to make it work for us.

My only big downside is that I take forever trying to figure out what I want to try next and that sort of makes me hungry.

I hope I am not breaking any copy writed rules but I was thinking about blogging one recipe a week here to share you my readers.

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A Life Being Lived said...

That sounds like a good plan to make the best use of your grocery budget and expand your menus! I resisted a slow cooker for a long time (my mom never had one so I was not used to it) but it can be so simple and there are so many different recipes out there nowadays. The tougher cuts of beef and pork get really tender and they tend to be the less expensive ones at the market! I'd love to hear about which recipes were a success, I'm just getting the "hang" of using mine too.