Monday, September 10, 2012

I had a dream that I was walking out to a car carrying a baby carrier when two men came upon us and forced us in the car. They took us to an old beat up building that was falling apart around us. I just wanted to get away safe with the baby and at one point there was some cops there talking to the bad guys to set us free.

It was one of those dreams where your life is in danger. I don't know if the building represents my middle school where I was in labor at and where I spent a long school year being made fun of cause they thought I had a baby and I said I didn't.

The reason why I am wondeing if it was the school is because besides it being Izzy's birthday I put in a day off request for a Zumbathon at THAT school.

I have been there a couple times last year due to the teacher that is helping us with Steghen's IEP but I have never spent any time in that building.

I think it's going to be a test of my strength and hoping it doesn't mess with my head. I need a clear mind doing zumba cause all focus is on moving and having fun. It's a 3 hour event so it should be fun to see if I am zumba it up for two hours. The last hour isn't zumba just fun stuff.

I don't know if I will get the day off or not. I been asking for quite a few off lately and I know I am pushing it. I hope to know by Saturday cause I have to pay for the ticket to go.

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