Sunday, November 27, 2011


I have come to what I think is a final decision about my volunteering with MELD. I have had a couple weeks off cause of me taking a week and then giving a week off due to the holiday. I am wanting more free time since I am working basically full time.

I am going to finish off the year with two more weeks and then the Christmas party that they put on for everyone. Then, I will tell them that if they will accept my help on my terms I am going to volunteer every other week.

I will plan this out so the weekend that my youngest son goes to his Dad's that I won't volunteer the next day. I am choosing this option because I want to make it a goal to get my son to the YMCA for walking and swimming and maybe even some fun in the game room that they have upstairs. On the weeks that he is home we will do this on Sunday and then I will volunteer. I am pretty good about getting myself to the Y twice a week and if I am super good maybe three times a week. I need to do this for my son. Unfortunately, I need full time work to get the bills paid and to get by without feeling like I am stressed cause I spent a few dollars on myself or my children.

Besides, the obvious that spending time with my child is good and that exercise is good for him I need to do this because we are still battling an obsession with food. I believe that school is making it at least four times worse. He has asked for food and of course we feed him but he hasn't had any major outburst over food while the school was on holiday.

I hope they can agree to my terms. I can't help MELD if I don't take care of myself and my family. I don't want to walk away from volunteering cause it was really a lifesaver for me. It made life a little easier to bare while I waited for my reunion with Izzy go in turtle speed. It gave me stuff to think about besides that. I will continue to support MELD with donations of clothes and toys when I can afford it.

At my company's last meeting, I did bring up MELD so maybe in the next couple months when we have another meeting they will consider having MELD come and speak and get support from some of my co workers.

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Laurel said...

I agree that you and your family come first. You must take care of YOU, in order to give back - to anyone.

And food...ugh. I hear you on the struggles.

Hugs. xo