Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am still volunteering for ME*LD but lately my heart hasn't been in it. There is a lot of people coming to volunteer and I suppose that is good. I believe their is six of us. It would be seven on the rare nights my sister can how up. I feel like I get stuck with the baby that cries for a full 90 minutes. It bothers me when I tell a volunteer that the baby looks wet cause she has a fat diaper and she says no she said she changed her and doesn't check her. Then, gets wet pants cause she gets pee'd on. But this Mom didn't bring a diaper bag and the diapers that ME&*LD had around are too small. So, I get the attention of the Mom's and the Mom comes to make the small diaper work and says to us. "I wish you had a bigger diaper" Huh? Your the Mom. It's your baby. Bring a diaper. And why when I have six other volunteers do have to point out that the baby your holding is wet.

I haven't totally decided but I think I am ready to call it quits. Or call it by ear and if all six volunteers are going to return after this session then say I am going to take a break. I believe in what they are doing and will always probably support them in one way or another but I want my Monday night back.

I am thinking I will probably let Christmas pass without doing anything or much for them cause I just don't feel like I have the money. I do know that ME*LD gives them a party and gives them gifts so I can live with that.

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