Sunday, November 6, 2011

I always can't help but look at the ads in the newspaper saying we want your baby to love and to call me. I got to thinking how must it feel to place that ad in a newspaper that next to it says "lost kitty cat" or "burial spot for sale" or SM looking for SF for company" Or "help wanted" To me it just screams desperate. Sorry. if that's harsh. It's just I don't think women who are considering adoption says gee let me see if I can find parents for my unborn child. Oh. Here is one or two couples one of them must be the ones.

I thought about how maybe this post could offend some and thought about taking it down but I changed my mind. I am not making fun at couples who are in that feeling of being desperate for a child just think they could think of a less tacky way to try to put themselves out there. I wonder if the ones in the newspapers who trying to do an adoption with the least amount of cost which could boil down to both parties not getting the best end result of the adoption or not adoption.

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