Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bragging moment

I was so nervous about middle school but my son keeps proving me wrong and has made some great grades for his first middle school report card. He earned 1 A 2 B"S 2 C'S and one D. The D was in health cause he is slow and wasn't able to get his work done. We requested that because he has an IEP and works at a slower pace that we get a book for him to complete his work where most children probably can get it done in the classroom time. He has a very low F. So, the D is an improvement and I am very proud of him for earning these grades.

Also, tomorrow, he is getting tested for his tutoring company. We got our first choice. We decided against online tutoring cause we felt like it would be unlikely that he would get past the computers and toys of it. He will get 60 hours of tutoring total and they provide the ride. At the end, they will test him again.

I am so proud of my son. He works so hard and we want to give him an reward but not sure what yet. I am thinking a few bucks to buy a movie. I don't wait it to be nothing that would break my bank cause my son is a creature of habit and would have a hard time if the next time he earned these awesome grades if the reward wasn't as good or even basically the same. Example, my son gets a chocolate shake if after having an dental exam he doesn't have any cavities. He will not let you get a minute of peace until he gets his shake. My son had a severe phobia of dentists so that is another area where he has blown us away with overcoming his challenges.

Any suggestions on rewards?

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