Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Todd (birthfather)

I have been in contact with our daughter for two years now. I have actually been seeing her face to face for a year now. She is beautiful! I am losing track of how many times I have actually seen her. This year hasn't been easy. We have moved very slow to get to where we are now. There were days where I thought she could care less to see me.
She has been slow with the questions and I have answered them the best I can do. Sometimes, I do feel like I wish for more privacy when the questions come up. We both tend to talk and it's easy to get side tracked into another subject.
Izzy has had great parents and she seems very happy. She has asked about you and I gave her what information that I can remember from way back then. I feel bad that I just don't know more about where you are or what has come out of your life.
She is very interested in ethic background and I don't know if we ever found you if you could answer those questions since you were also adopted. How ironic is it that you were adopted and so were two of your children. I hope it stops with her. Adoption can be a beautiful thing but it also destroys families and takes away the ability for those left in the dust of adoption to have answers to the questions of background. I hope someday you think to look me up and Izzy can possibly learn more about you.
I hope your haven't found me cause your having a good life and not cause something horrible like a jail sentence or worse that you have died at a young age. Maybe, you don't feel like you have a right to ask questions about Izzy. We can't change the past but who knows what the future holds.

Side note: These letters to him are a form of therapy for me but I use the real name and info for him but I do protect my daughter's name. I do that just in case this story ever rings a bell and someone knows something. I know it's a slim chance but who knows, right?

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