Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For those that been reading a long time might remember how my husband used to treat me poorly about my desires to meet my daughter and make my sadness worse because he didn't think I had a right to grieve. He thought I should move on. He thought blogging was stupid. He thought the scrapbook was a waste of time. He said, he would send Izzy walking if she knocked on our door. A lot of these things was said when he was drunk. He has been sober for three years in may.

I won't blog in detail here but will do in my private blog cause I just love to write it down. I invited my husband out to have dinner with my daughter. It wasn't the first time he met her cause she took my son to Great America during the summer. I didn't have any control over that meeting cause it had to be done for my son to get picked up to go. Today, I did have a choice and have if not forgiven him for everything but pretty darn close to forgiving him.

I wanted to share that part of my life with her cause she is important to me and by the rules in marriage that means he has to learn to love her too.

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