Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreams again

I was telling my sister how I dream about Izzy from time to time but it's something that never happened before I met her. she said it's cause your dreams are a photogenic memory that your brain plays back. It sounded better when she said it.
I dream of giving birth more than I care to admit. The pain is so real (in my dreams) that it shakes me some cause where is the baby? Well, anyways, if this isn't too personal to answer to those that are adopting or adopted cause of the lack of ability to get pregnant or stay pregnant do you dream of having babies in any form? If you do... is it the physical form of giving birth? I am just wondering about this all. Sometimes, I wish I would quit dreaming of giving birth cause it's always a darn boy!!!! hahaha I can laugh at that now but I really wanted to have another daughter but I do have her in my life and things are going well.

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April said...

I've only dreamed about having a baby once. When I was waiting to adopt my first child I had a dream where I was holding a baby. In the dream I knew that I had adopted her. I've never had a dream about giving birth to a baby. I think having a dream like yours would freak me out!