Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My ex husband got a new girlfriend and I got to disliking her fast cause after one weekend with my son she suggested a school for autistic children about an hour away from us. She also wouldn't let him eat birthday cake at a party cause he already had treats that day and she knew kids with adhd don't need a lot of sugar.

My son is on the autism spectrum but he is mainstreamed. No thank you to an hour away school and my son isn't adhd. He may have add that wasn't sucessful in treating with medication but my son isn't hyper.

We had them my ex and his new girlfriend over for a bbq and she seems to talk way too much. We had a meeting to talk about kids and she got up to take a call which is rude.

Lately, I been having to call her phone cause the ex's phone and my son's phone was shut off. She has actually been super friendly and I am starting to dislike her a little less. I still think they are not responsible parents but I do think she is trying.

My ex announced he is marring her on Friday and wants to pick up my son. I don't know why but this is kind of bugging me a little bit. She isn't the Momma. I hear stories about my ex will tell her what my son's favorite meals are that I or his Grandma cooks and she gets hurt cause he doesn't love it. I find it a little bit funny that she is trying to compete with our cooking. Maybe, I feel weird cause my sons will have a stepmom now too. I always fear my ex waking up and wanting to steal my youngest son from me. He mostly wanted our oldest son to avoid paying support and to get a tax credit. He won't admit it but that was our biggest fight when we were splitting. Soon, my oldest son will be 18 and he will have to pay support again.

I think adoption has given me the fear of losing my children. My husband's assures me that he will never get his hands on Stephen.

I think one thing crappy about this whole getting married thing is that he expects me to dress him for the wedding. Basically some dress pants and a dress shirt.

Sorry I needed to vent.


Wendy said...

I'm sorry. It sounds like this is such a rough time. I hope things get better as time goes on.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Wendy, one really crappy part of it is that my son learned that they were getting married on Friday by me. Then, today, he tells me that I should take him shopping for clothes for the wedding. He is only 11 but it seems to be happening again where the primary parent has to buy all the needed stuff and the every other weekend parent gets to do the fun stuff and never does homework and never makes him shower. I refuse to be the fun parent to my almost 17 year old son when he comes over. I am Mom. That's it.

Tracey... said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog...I appreciate it....So sorry you are going through this stuff...I will pray that things go well for all of you.