Wednesday, May 1, 2013


After not getting child support for six weeks or so I finally got money. I wish it made me feel better but it doesn't. I fear what the summer brings. 1. I am in a battle with my son's school for him to get to go to summer school. We feel they fudge his grades to make them look better and also now that the case manager (teacher) told him his Mom wrote about summer school and you don't qualify. Now he is slacking. I just know that summer school is what is best for my son.

WE are going into the school on Friday to demand to speak to someone else because the person I was told to speak to hasn't called or emailed me back.

Friday afternoon I leave for a retreat and I am looking forward to that.

Back to summer fears.. We are talking about 214 dollars that even though we survived without the money it hurts us. We rode thru cause of tax money but now it's gone. I know for some people 200 a month might be something to sneeze at but it's not for me.

Tonight, I thought I might need to change my availability with my job and try to add about 5 or so hours a week to my hours. That would get me right at 40 hours a week. I don't want to give up my two day weekend. I don't want to give up family time or time to workout! Summertime is suppose to be fun and love to spend time swimming at the local pool and all the other little things that I enjoy about summer.

I don't recall if I mentioned it but my kid's dad got a job working for the school district driving school buses. There is a chance that he could get a route for summer but unlikely since he is a new hire. Also, if he only works a limited amount of hours and he would be basically working just to pay me. Not sure if that is going to happen.

For the record, I don't talk to this stuff with my son. But I am pissed! He owes over 600 and gets to pay it ten at a time while we might struggle.

I need to decide soon if I add hours where I will add them. Do I really give myself another 12 hour day or go with only having one day off. I babysit for this church so the reality is that I won't have any days off if I go that route.


kathy said...

I can give you a tip or two on how to live on less if you like. I have not worked since 2002. My hub is the only worker. until 2010 we raised our grandson. Our Daughter is in default to the tune of over 8000.00 thats right thousands. It was even ordered by the court to pay the extra. I would not go back to make them force her into jail or whatever. She has 2 other kids to feed. He now lives with his dad cause I could b sure he would take care of him better than her. SAD BUT TRUE. She drives better cars than us she spends irresponsibly and because WE rescued our Grandson & raised him til his Dad could...our relationship is now virtually an armed truce. You see...EVERYONE has a story to tell. Again If you like I can help you to do WAY MORE with less..Being creative. :-)

birthmothertalks said...

I am open to any suggestions you might have to live on less. I admit that at times I probably crave to my wants\needs a little too often. A lot has to do wit needing new clothes and we put bikes on layaway so we ca ride bikes this summer.
We shop mostly at places like dollar general, walmart and kmart. We started to buy more in bulk. A big expensive is our pets. We have 3 dogs, two bunnies, one cat and fish. Another is gas for the car. We only have one car and that we struggle to make payments on.

Pam said...

I am positivly impressed how well you seem to budget and not spend more than necessary. Being the only worker in your family of course you need to buy yourself some clothes sometime.

kathy said...

Get a notebook. Write down EVERY SINGLE you or anyone else spends. even down to gum. after a month you have a good idea where u can trim some...Start small the next month. First it hurts a bit because as an example if your mortgage or rent is say 600.00 set aside the 600 and if u get pd twice a month ALSO set aside 300.00 that will then set u up for the next payday that you ONLY set aside 300 see how it works now u have a mortgage pmt ready again JUST SITTING IN THE the same with estimated electric and propane phone dr co pays and car payments and Gasoline. and Groceries and entertainment Insurance It took me about 3 months to tweak it enuf. but it then is easier to see how u can shift and adjust just like banks do and u are able to save as well. also looking in the long term for things like school trips you can plan it all out. Believe me were not rich by any means but we have 2 cars and Mine even tho its older is a Mercedes...The funny thing is I am also loaded with beautiful clothes..I shop regularly at Goodwill and Resale/Consignment stores. I am heading to a memorial next wk and buying the airline tix car rental and hotel will not hurt the bottom line because of the savings. But it is necessary to keep a tight watch on expenses always or u could THINK that u have more than u do. Try it Baby steps...