Monday, May 27, 2013

few things here and there

I have official plans with Izzy on Friday to do some lunch and shopping!! It's basically going to be the same thing as we did the last time we met up alone. I am excited!! It was her idea to do lunch and shopping so maybe she felt as good as I did about our time together.

I invited her to my birthday dinner but she has plans with her brother shopping for a graduation gift for him.

No hard feelings and I really did have it in my mind that I would only see her the one time. I know from past visits that not everyone that wants to see her as gotten to do so.

What I do feel bad is that Alex and Stephen won't be able to see her. The truth is just that she doesn't have a close relationship with them. She may call them brothers to me but they are not carrying on like brothers and sisters would. Izzy pictures are up on the wall but for the most part Stephen doesn't mention her and truth be told I haven't been talking about her too much.

Alex is 18 and I feel that their relationship should be something that they both work towards and not sure if either one of them want that. I know Alex has gotten upset for not getting an invite to hang with us.

I imagine if I feel jealous that she has another Mom and brags about her on facebook that he can very well feel jealous about her brother and the attention she gives him.

Speaking of Alex. I went a week without being able to get ahold of him and I finally called the person he is staying with and she gave me the number of her son's cell phone. He just happened to be trying to get a hold of us but had forgotten my number and my husband had changed numbers.

He was due to come in on Wed of this week but was here in town with a friend at a festival and said he wanted to come early because he didn't know if he would find a way back home for my birthday. My husband wasn't thrilled with it but didn't protest him coming.

So Alex came in late last night before we went to bed. We all get up except for Alex and have breakfast and then Alex comes up.

I feel bad that I forgot to offer him breakfast but at the same time my husband's thoughts are that he slept and missed breakfast.

Alex hung around for a while and then said he was going to take a walk. That was about 4 hours ago or so and I am back to wondering if he will be home for dinner and what he is up to.

Today, I wanted to run outside along the river but it's been rainy and wet. My husband suggested I run at the Ymca on the track. I am running the color run and really need to concentrate on running this week. I asked Stephen to count my laps because I just can't count. I don't think he fully understood what I needed him to do so he only counted me for 26 laps which would have been less than 3 miles. It would take 30 laps to get 3 miles. I am pretty that I did get 3 miles or more due to being at it for over 40 minutes.

I am excited for the run!! Probably will be the last one cause besides the challenge of the run. I really love zumba and not so much running. Also, it's very pricey to pay for the run. I will make sure I post pictures. I am doing it by myself so probably won't be quite as fun as it would be if I had a group with me.


katie ridings said...

I am so obbsessed with zumba!! I do it every tuesday, I would totally do it more if the instructor I liked taught it more, you don't even realize you are working out!!

birthmothertalks said...

I really like all the instructors that teach it at the Y. Maybe give them another chance. I do stick to mostly the same ones cause I have a routine of days or nights that I go do zumba.

Wendy said...

I think your race is tomorrow...hope you have a great time and take pictures if you can! So much fun :) If it's set up the same way, they'll have photo "booths" with photographers and they'll take before/after pics of you!

Don't worry about doing it by yourself -- everyone was so happy and friendly at the Color Me Rad race I did...a stranger even congratulated me after I ran up a huge hill. (Not sure why they put a hill in our race!!!!) But how nice was that??

Hope you have a great time with Izzy tomorrow. Coincidently, Zoe's birthmom is coming to visit tomorrow, too!

birthmothertalks said...

Wendy, something came up in Izzy's family and we needed to pick another time. We are meeting up tonight after my dinner with my husband and boys for shopping. The race is Saturday! I am looking forward to it! Do they charge for pictures at the run?
Enjoy the visit with Zoe's birthmom! Zoe is so lucky to have an Mom who embraces her birthmom.

Wendy said...

Yes, the do charge for the pictures but you could probably get one for a couple bucks (maybe $4 or $5.) For Color Me Rad they put them online about 4 days after the race and you could download them.

Hope you had a good visit with Izzy!