Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day

Mother's Day leaves me a little sad. I feel like I have lost so much in the area of motherhood. I don't have very much of a relationship with my Mom and the only thing that holds us together as in ever seeing each other is my sisters and brother.

I have lost a daughter to adoption. I know I am reunited and that is a gift that one can never take for granted but still it's the nagging feeling of wishing she would remember me. I think I get a little jealous seeing my clients get fancy flowers and I never get anything like that. I know I shouldn't get jealous but that's how I feel. Even though.. I know in my heart my own family as in husband and kids can't afford to spend crazy amounts on flowers.

A few years ago, in attempt to find a way to celebrate Mother's Day I started honoring a very special person in my life. How I remember her can vary from a drop in drop off flowers and card and run. Or a phone call on Mother's day or even a Mother's Day card sent in the mail. This year, I went with the card.

I included a little update on how my family is doing and how I am doing with my weight loss. I enclosed a few pictures of me and a book mark that I had picked up when I was on my retreat.

I am the type that takes time to find the right card and I found a perfect one for my friend Pam. I hope she loved it. I am sure she will call me all happy and tell me how much it meant to her.

I am not sure if you will be able to read what the card says.. but it states how even though we didn't grow up together that she came along at the right time.

Just wanted to add that Pam called me this morning and I couldn't get to the phone. She referred to herself as on of My mothers as of sort. She said my card almost made her cry. I wish I could have gotten to her call but I am sure we will talk soon.

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