Saturday, May 25, 2013

My husband and I both got matching bikes but of course his and her's boy/girl bikes!! We had them on layaway and I admit it was a struggle to pay them off but I did it and today instead of me going to zumba and doing my own thing.. we walked to pay them off and rode the bikes to get air and then home.. And then around the neighborhood. We didn't have any kids today!! It was nice being the princess. I say that cause when we are dealing with my son and our grand daughter. I can't be his main focus.

Izzy got into town a couple days ago and besides letting her know a couple days before she left that I hope to see her. I haven't made any attempt to make plans with her. She has picked a wedding venue and today her brother graduated from high school so I guess it's good that I just gave her some space.

I am pretty broke now and now sure when or what we can do. I am thinking I am only going to see her once unless she tries to see me again in the same week.

I have birthday plans and not sure if I should invite them to dinner or try to see her on my own. If I invite her to dinner on my birthday then both of my sons will see her. If I see her on my own then most likely just me.

Alex has been moved for over a month and sometimes it seems like it's been longer and at times it doesn't seem all that long. I have only seen him once and haven't had much contact with him within the last couple weeks.

His girlfriend broke up with him and he said something how she said he was jealous. Don't know the full story. She posted something on fb that looked like it was a direct hit at the fact that he doesn't have a job, car or drive. It didn't say my son's name but it sure did fit him.

As far as I know my son is still coming to stay a few days and going to her graduation.


Wendy said...

Look at you, Skinny Mini!! You look fantastic! I'm so proud of you and how great you're doing with your weight loss. It's so great that you and your husband got bikes. We have one that needs to be put together -- I would love to go for bike rides with my husband and daughter.

I hope you get to see Izzy and that it works out one way or another. That would be nice.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Wendy!! Of course for picture I suck it in!! lol I have made plans with Izzy and will blog about that soon.

Wendy said...

LOL! I suck my stomach in for every picture!!!

That's great that you have plans with Izzy - hope you have fun!

April said...

Love the bike! And you are looking great!