Monday, April 29, 2013

little of this and that....

I had a busy day. I got dinner going in the crockpot! One can't go wrong with bbq chicken wings and boy was I hungry! I don't know if it's from working out but sometimes I get so hungry one would think I haven't been eating.

Well, anyways, after working out and doing the finishing of dinner I took done plates for Stephen to set the table. Stephen asked me why I set four plates down. Alex has been gone since before the middle of April and I feel like it's been forever on one hand. I don't know why after this amount of time has passed that I messed up and was setting a plate for Alex.

It might have to do with the fact that the bbq wings was probably one of those meals that he would most likely be home to eat. One can smell it all day long and he likes it. I haven't quite adjusted to cooking for 3 instead of 4. It's a little cross between us eating "his serving" and me freezing it for later meals for me to take to work.

Alex texted me a couple days ago asking if I would be interested going to his gf's graduation. (not said he needs a ride) haha. He asked me if he could stay with us for a couple days. I suggested he stay until Sunday cause my best friend's son is graduating too and she is throwing him a party. The boys have grown up together and one could say they are friends.

The graduation day happens to be my 37th birthday and I have to decide if I am going to ask just for the day shift off or the whole Thursday. It's basically the difference between missing only 50 bucks on the check or 130 on the check. I haven't decided yet. I will pick up the paperwork for the day off tomorrow and sit on it for a couple more days. I would like to be off but don't want to cause hardships for myself.

I been splurging just a little bit too much. My husband and I put bikes on layaway and I been paying them off. We should have the bikes by May 19th. I went swimming suit shopping and couldn't decide between two of them and bought them both. My husband had his favorite but said I can't wear it outside of the house. LOL

I can't remember if I blogged that I signed up for the Color run on June 1st. The charity is the same organization that gave me free counseling sometime in 9th grade and again for around Izzy's 17th birthday I believe. It costed over 40 to run it and probably will be my last run. I finished the couch to 5k running ap and after finishing I am just not feeling the running. It's an higher calorie burn but I feel like I can't make the 3 mile run. I am not sure what the difference is right now.

Friday, I leave for the weekend in Galena for a retreat with Mom's with special needs children and I am excited to go. It's the 3rd retreat I went on but the first one in this location and more of a road trip.

In other news, my stepmom is on unemployment and they are struggling and it came to me to tell her to apply where I work. I know they are struggling and it can effect my Dad's health if they don't have things like electric and gas.

I assured her that based on giving my name that they would hire her. I guess I am over confident on the quality of my work. Well, she went in there to learn apply online. (that's different from six years ago)

She called me today to ask questions as she filled it out. Then later this afternoon called again. She has a job interview for tomorrow. I hope my over confidence doesn't bite me in the butt.

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