Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I wrote Izzy asking if my family would be able to attend her wedding. I didn't go into any details how it might be weird. I just said how I would love to be there for her special day and that I was very excited for her and her fiance.

She wrote back asking who did I have in mind? and in the same message said something along the line of course she would be open to me and the boys.

I wrote back and said that I would like to bring my husband and of course the boys and she agreed husband's are good for the driving.

I am on cloud 9 that she didn't seem to have to sit on if we could come to her wedding or not.

It looks like she is trying to do a big fancy wedding and I am just thrilled that I can share that day with her.

I do hate that adoption does give me the self doubt of just assuming I would get an invite.

I see her Mom interacting with her quite a bit of facebook and I am not been able to get a clear picture if her parents are footing the bill. I am only curious because when I got married my family didn't foot the bill but did help some.

My wedding dress was borrowed and we had help from our mother's with the flowers. We paid for a lot of it on our own. I didn't really get a reception besides the cake and punch in the basement of the church.

On facebook I seen her Mom asked if she was going to get invited and I have to think that is more out of humor than anything.

One of the comments suggested seeing Izzy's Mom for lunch. I would be open to that if Izzy or her Mom asked me to but I have reached out enough times and I am just not going to go there. She is Izzy's Mother and I respect her for that. Even though, I don't respect how she treated me over the years. But I do respect that it was her right to do what she felt best.

I just look at things this way. Izzy is a 21 year old girl and it's no longer up to Mom anymore.

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