Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have been kind of quiet lately. I don't know if the appeal of blogging as moved past me or that my mind is else where these days.

I have been pretty busy between working and going to the YMCA. I am doing this program called couch to 5k. It's a running program. I am in week 8 and it's a 9 week program. AS of right now, I am running 28 minutes at a time. I am doing a class called body pump once a week. It's a weight class and while it's not as fun as zumba I think it offers something that I don't get from zumba. I still do zumba on Saturdays. I am down a total of 57 lbs as of last week.

I can't remember if I wrote about my court experience with the ex husband. He did get a job but told the judge he would be working only 5 hours a day. His child support for one child was set at 46 a week and he has to pay ten a week extra until he pays the 400 he owes for back support.

The job he got is driving a school bus so the likely hood that he will miss more payments is highly likely. On one hand, I am amazed he got a job so fast. Om the other hand, I want to slap him. Why get another job where you get summer break and other times where there is no school and no money. His wife works for the school's driving the little bus. So, both of them are shit out of luck for money at certain times of the year.

It wouldn't be my concern except for no check means no child support and living conditions can suffer if one can't pay their electric and gas bill not to mention not have a decent amount of food in the house to feed the growing boy. Add the fact that they are stupid and spend money wrong. Who am I to judge though? It really bothers me that a parent can get two months behind and be allowed almost a whole year to pay it back. Something doesn't seem right. Who hasn't gotten behind with a bill and had to double up? Shouldn't he have to double up to pay it faster? Or even pay an extra payment each month.

We are trying to get summer school for Stephen and been told he don't qualify. We are going to try to fight them. I wish I could afford to work less this summer but that's not going to happen.

My husband still watches our granddaughter and she is growing too fast. She is almost potty trained. She still wears her pull ups for nap time and bedtime but does most of her peeing and pooping on her potty chair. She talks quite a bit and will repeat anything she hears.

The three days I have morning shifts ( I have 3 evening shifts too) She spends the hour I am getting ready following me from room to room. When I am changing out of my pj's to work clothes she comments on my panties. LOL She of course wear's big girl panties now. The last couple of days she has told me my panties are big. I don't know if that's cause they are lose or big compared to her.

She chats with me while I make my lunch and then requests sometimes to eat the same kind of foods that I am packing. Lastly, she hangs out in the bathroom when I am putting on makeup (what little I do) and she likes to get lip gloss on too. We brush our hair together and our teeth together.

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