Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heart broken

Alex has packed up his things and says he is moving tomorrow. I suspected he would make the move after his girlfriend played in the musical Grease. I am really heart broken and just feel horrible. I probably appear like a hard ass in front of my son cause I try to hide my sadness around my kids. I keep asking myself where did I go wrong? What could I have done different? How come I feel like I am losing my son???


Leah said...

You didn't do anything wrong sweetie. Your son is an adult, and he is responsible for the decisions he makes at this point in his life. Kids move away when they grow up. Then they move back, and this cycle can continue many times throughout the years. Just continue to be there for him, and hopefully it will all work out. Thinking of you.

kathy said...

Sorry you feel so bad. Our children have to get out there sometime. Sometimes leaving the nest helps them to see home and its rules wasnt as bad.
You arent the only ones who have gone thru this.
Use the time while hes gone to finish cleaning his basement abode & label & box his stuff. Then make the most of the time u have with who u have left at home.

kathy said...

after thinkin overnight about my response to your blog about him moving out, I felt that I should apologise. I wasnt suggesting that you make it as if he wasnt ever coming back, RATHER eliminating the shrine to the absent prodigal son. Like the previous person commented Just continue to be open to him when he calls or comes by. Now that he is away PRE PLAN a special date that you want everyone together for a family moment Maybe he will want to come

birthmothertalks said...

I haven't even been downstairs. My husband said he cleaned his room up really well. Thanks for the suggestion of planning a family thing. I don't know how often he will come home. He moved to Wi and has no car. I have a fear of long drives but I hear its not as far as it seems.