Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I texted Alex last night. I mentioned how I seen his gf's prom dress and he wrote back that he is upset with her cause he has been after her to ..get a date of the prom and cost of tickets ect.
I replied that prom is pretty fancy and maybe she didn't think he could come up with the clothes. I asked what difference does 2 or 4 weeks make when one doesn't have a job?

The Mommy in me wants to come to his rescue and help him go to the Prom with his gf.

But the parent in me thinks he made the decision to get so far behind in school that he had to change to the ged department and miss the formal senior year 'parties'

Then there is the issue that even if I wanted to help that I don't really have the money. My child's father hasnt paid support in over a month. Not that child support goes for Alex anymore though.

Maybe this will be one of the events that makes him want to find work. One doesn't have to have lots cash to be happy. But it does make the world go around.

I am starting to save money for Stephen@ls feild trip to dc in 8th grade. It's a lot of money and I might not make it happen but I will try.

Does this make me a bad parent? Like I play favorites? Hope not. Stephen is in school and Alex is not.


kathy said...

Suggestion #1 Prom is 1 day. lots of people dont go and survive.
I kno its a memory but definately in my opinion should be eliminated for everyone everywhere. It is a class system party.
Suggestion #2 go thru toys and household items. have a yardsale use the money you come up with for the field trip fund. The remaining amt needed have him hire himself out to mow yards or clean garages basements storage rooms. make him VALUE his trip.
Suggestion #3 Speak LESS about ongoing money challenges related to child support...Kids hear and its not nice to make them resent their parent regardless of how irresponsible they are.
Suggestion#4 Focus on what is present in your life and make a new normal Your sons will both be fine. so will you.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks for all your suggestions. I don't talk about my son's father paying or not paying child support to them. It does effect them but I do the best with what I have and my son's needs come before mine.