Tuesday, February 7, 2012

upcoming guest blogger and other info

Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you a blog post written by a guest blogger. I am happy to have a change of pace around my blog land to share with you. She is an adoptee. I am happy that she volunteered to do this for me. Come back tomorrow to check out my questions and her answers. I had a little trouble at first asking questions because I do read her blog and feared that I should be asking only things that I don't already know the answer to. Once, I remembered my followers, some who may not be reading her blog.. I relaxed a little because for those who haven't stopped by her blog then it's all brand new information. I felt a lot more comfortable coming up with the questions once that pressure was off of me.

Off the subject of this.. I have put in a request to reduce my hours by 4 hours a week. I been at a steady 40 hours since the end of summer mostly but two of my days start at me leaving work at 9 30 am and not coming home between 11 and 11 30 pm. With the upcoming child support that is coming in.. I feel like I can relax just a little.

It was bad timing that I would get sick and call in right after I said I could relax on the hours. But I did show them the papers that I had seen a doctor so hopefully no harm feelings thinking that I was just screwing off.

Also, both of my remaining bunnies are what my husband calls them fat and happy! We been giving them their veggies trying to keep them going strong.

Speaking of going strong. I am not at 100% but I did go back to work. They called me in the morning and asked me how I was doing. I told the truth that I was starting to feel better but still have coughing fits. I said, I felt like I should go back to my normal stuff because I don't want to push my luck. I did turn it on her and asked her what she thought. She basically told me to keep cough drops on me and to go to work. The real reason she called because they were sending a new caregiver to watch me do my job. I got through the day with only a small amount of coughing but have coughed more at home. I am trying not to suppress it too much because I figure that junk needs to come out.

I hope tomorrow I feel up to take my son to the YMCA event that he likes that is on tomorrow night and for me to get some exercise myself. This week of being sick my husband has taken care of our household. He has been good but he really sucks at grocery shopping. That is something that I do weekly and he's been doing it almost daily and forgets stuff. So, maybe, I can hit up the grocery store too.

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