Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valenetine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow bloggers and to your love of your life and your little children!! This is the first year that we won't be filling out tons of Valentines for my son's classmates. As much as that stuff did kind of get old it's a little sad to see that stage in life gone.

My husband and I really are not into the holidays where it almost feels forced to buy gifts. So, we never really started the tradition of going out on Valentines Day or getting each other flowers or candy.

Actually, my first husband was more into going out to dinner on Valentines Day and I never thought of it as a fun thing to do. I would much rather have a random date night then one that is so popular that we have to wait for dinner. Just not my idea of a fun time.

I do like to get flowers and get my husband flowers but they are reserved for more special days just for us. I tend to remember Veteran's Day because my husband did his time in the Navy before I met him. I tend to bring him flowers on the anniversary of the day that he had a seizure from lack of drinking. He hasn't drank since and I sort of look at it as his birthday. It's also been a real turning point in our relationship. It's wasn't the total fix because our marriage was on the rocks for several reasons and not all of them were his fault.

My husband's and mine relationship has really changed. It's gone from a lot of hate to love and respect and I feel like we are really happy. We are not perfect but I really don't have much to complain about.

I have never been a girl that does make up, paints my nails, wants pedicures or fussed over my hair. I was one of those girts that husband's said you don't need make up to be beautiful. I put my children first and never spend money on nails and stuff.

Reunion with Izzy has made me want to work on being pretty. I fuss over my hair (well not always) I get my nails done from time to time. My goal is a weekly manicure but that's not happening cause I do mostly put my kids first but I am taking dollars for myself now. I am waiting patiently for the day that comes up soon when I can afford to go get a pedicure.

Having a grand daughter has also made me want to take that extra time to apply make up or try to make my hair look cute. In the mornings, my grand daughter, hands in the bathroom with me. Everything I do she wants to do. She wants lotion which I give her. If I rub it somewhere she does the same. When I apply eye shadow, she points to her eye. I lightly touch her eye lid to mostly fool her. When I do my lip gloss, she points to her lips and I put some on her. Then, she does the smacking noise. Not sure where that came from. Maybe, her Mom.

My husband looked in and seen our grand daughter putting lotion on her tummy and laughed. I teased him that he doesn't know what us girls do to smell good and to make ourselves pretty.

He says he likes me doing the girly things. I am glad cause I am close to moving into the category of being a high maintenance wife.

My next thing that I want to try is a nail job that is about 20 or 30 bucks but it's suppose to be a no chip and has the benefit of making your nails stronger. Or that's at least what they say.

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's day with your loved ones.

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