Sunday, February 26, 2012

In October of 2011, I went on the retreat for Mom's of special needs children. It was really nice and one of the many things they offered was nails ect for the Mom's.

I was really excited to get a manicure and the lady was late and I never got mine in.

Shortly after that, my daughter and I started to get our nails painted. We also once got our feet done. After she moved, it took me some time before I was ready to face getting my nails done without her.

I learned about this expensive polish (manicure) that is a no chip polish and they suggested I try it the next time.

When we got our tax refund, my husband encouraged me to do some things for myself. Sunday of last week, I went for the pedicure and the no chip manicure. I can't recall the name of the polish but it's been a week and it's held true to it's word. I am really impressed and hope to be able to do it once a month.

My husband encouraged me to do something with my hair since all I ever did was pull it back. I knew of a girl who just started her own business renting her own chair. Monday, she cut my hair, put layers in it and thinned it out. I love it.

Friday, I went to my son's school for Muffins with Mom. I got to see how other children do some up to my son and say"hey man" and slap each other. My sister went with us because my son thought she should come since she gives him rides and stuff.

Here is a picture of my son and I from Muffins with Mom. He is in middle school so this Mom loves that they still invite the parents. My son has told me that I am not invited for lunch anymore. I used to show up a few times a year with fast food or just all on my own. He has told me that's just for grade school students.


Jenn said...

Awesome picture! :-)

Pam said...

Your hair looks great! I want some of that nail polish. If you can, let me know what it is.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Jenn and Pam, next time I am at the nail salon I will get the name of the polish.

Angelle said...

Your hair does look fab! What a nice picture.