Sunday, February 12, 2012

I been keeping track of my food intake with "myfitnesspal" ap on my phone since Wednesday. It's making me more away of what an actual serving of food is. I haven't changed a whole lot but I do think I am eating less because I am trying to get closer to the serving size. I have started eating yogurt cause the doc said to eat it or I could get a yeast infection.

I haven't changed much on my workout times. However, I did go to the Y today and weighed myself and looks like I lost eight pounds. I don't quite see how that is possible but I know the doctor scale and the Y scale matched up last week when I went to get checked out.

I told the site that I only want to lose one pound a week so it doesn't have me on a too restricted diet. So, when I go again, I will weigh myself again and see if it's still showing a lower number.

I am recovering from my sinus infection still. I have some of the cough left and up until a couple times ago, I spent several nights not being able to sleep. Tomorrow, is my last day on the antibiotics so hopefully it got all the infection.

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