Friday, February 10, 2012

About a week ago, someone searched for "meld meeting" and got my blog. It got me thinking about (mytown) MELD and wondering if they were searching for my MELD. I know I say great things about MELD but I know there is those moments when all hell is breaking lose when three babies are screaming that I vent. Or I might vent because a Mom forgot a diaper and I have a baby who is wet and needs a diaper. It's just my nature to say the good and the bad. I hope I give enough credit for the good things MELD is doing and the improvements that the Mom's make. I love watching the babies grow up. I have seen newborns slowly grow to be crawlers and then walkers. I have been around long enough to memorize most of the children's names and can spot most of the mommies if I seen them.

I have taken a bit of a break from volunteering. I only go every other week but it's not cause I don't want to be there. This session has actually been really good. I use this blog for many reasons. If your reading this and you are a MELD Mom then you will find out that I could have been a MELD Mom too. I don't pass judgment. I don't give to MELD because I feel pity towards the Mom's or the babies. I give because I respect you for being strong. I love that your chasing your goals. I love watching you take care of your children. I love that you trust me to watch your child yet you still come to peak in on them if they are crying.

If your a MELD Mom or worker and found my blog please know that I don't use names and I don't take pictures of the children and Mom's.