Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rest in peace bunny pal

I came home from work last night wishing my bunny would be dead when I got home. Actually, I woke up hoping he would be dead. Sounds horrible doesn't it? I watched him do his flipping thing and then pee'd and I did my best to clean him up and wished he would die. It's one thing to make a decision about putting an animal to sleep but another to make the call and drive him there.

My husband came with me so I could hold him all the way there. I cried as I told the person at the front desk at what we needed. My husband signed the death papers and helped me pay.

We sat in the room for about five minutes or so and then they came in and gave her opinion of what he has. She said something about tilted head and said something about bunnies being a carrier. She said he was very old for a bunny and pretty small for his breed. She took him and brought him back gone a few minutes later.

It's made me really sad. I am wondering if my other bunnies will get the same thing? I have another bunny who grew up with him who is about ten and my girl bunny is about four.

I am very sad. There really wasn't any treatments for him.