Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My son's IEP meeting went pretty well. We spoke up and asked that my son not be included. I explained that We just have a hard time speaking freely in front of him. The case manager dialed the advocate that is helping me with my son. She happens to be the teacher that home schooled me. She had the flu so couldn't make it in person. I don't know what feelings would have came up had I seen her face to face after all this time. She knew me at my worst. I found her on FB and just had to go full circle with it to tell her about my reunion with my daughter.

Back to the IEP. I believe if She wasn't on the phone we would have gotten the same run around with our concerns. Not that all concerns were really answered but for the most part it was a good meeting.

I loved how she question them and got them looking for test scores and dates ect. I love how when she said why so much homework and we need to modify this and get it written in his IEP. She suggested he do 3/4 of all his classwork and homework. He get an extra day to complete his assignments. Also, we discussed out concerns over his obsession with sharpening pencils. They were calling the pencils a distraction but we told them that we felt it was more like an obsession that pencils have been a struggle with him for quite a while. We said we tried mechanical pencils but between him losing them and he obsesses on the lead that it didn't change anything.

During my rant about our stress level and how we feel stressed that he is lumped together with 6th graders but mentally doesn't act like one and how we have other issues to deal with at home and also just having family time.

The Ot brought up a Syndrome called Prader Willie's. (hope that is right) I don't have the paperwork about it in front of me. Basically, they can't feel that they are full and children will just eat and eat. Not all but a lot of the symptoms matched my son. Speech delays, learning problems, obessions and outburts.

He goes to the doc tomorrow and I plan on bringing this up and see what he has to say about it.

Hoping that having an advocate makes the rest of the year smoother because I feel like they jumped for her and not us.


Karen said...

Interesting that you bring up the part about not knowing if you are full. I recall there was some research done on obese people, and that was one of the causes of obesity. Oddly, when people are diagnosed with this, if they go through gastrobipass, that sensation does start to trigger in the brain, because of a different chemistry when they lose the weight.
Personally, I do not advocate for gastric bipass, neither as an adult nor certainly as a teen...unless it is life threatening. I've seen way too many people that I used to work with, who got it done because our health insurance covered it, and they ended up with life long gastro problems that are now uncorrectable. But I thought I would mention that study.
I too believe I have that problem, and have since I was a child. I have never been diagnosed, but I can eat a HUGE meal, and normally my brain will not link up with my stomach to say, "enough!" I have to tell myself when it's enough....and I also seem to be OCD to a small degree (again, never diagnosed-but I know enough about it to know that the symptoms are in my own wiring...perhaps they go hand in hand. Just curious, being that your sons symptoms sound so familiar...does he also have dyslexia? Might not be related at all to anything, but I thought Id ask, since I do have it.

birthmothertalks said...

I know if people tend to eat too fast they might not get the signal until it's too late but my son eats super slow if the time is allowed so I would think in a normal person they would get the message. I agree with you about the gastric bypass thing. My son isn't dslexia that we are aware of.