Monday, January 16, 2012


I believed I found my old childhood friend on facebook. I knew her from grade school until the tenth grade is where we lost contact when he Mom and her moved away. I often have wondered what happened to her and once in a while I do a facebook search to see if I can find her.
I told my husband how I think I found my friend and he said that's the problem with facebook that people just just leave things alone. How do you feel about facebook and people finding people from years ago? I think it's kind of cool but I know the reality of it is that our friendship was in the past and most likely nothing will really come out of it. Yet, I sent the friend request and sent her a message asking if she was from my town.


Jenn said...

My best friend from when I was little moved away (from MA to CA). She would come back for the summers and we'd hang out, but we eventually lost touch. She found me on FB last year. It's not like we have deep, meaningful conversations or anything, but it's nice to know that she's doing well.

I dislike the public nature of FB but then again I got in touch with my first father on FB so I can't really complain about it...

Karen said...

I've found a few childhood friends from FB too. It's kind of weird, at least in my situation...I've obsessed over looking for people from my past then I find them...we write back and forth about our "memories", after becoming friends on FB then that's pretty much it...You see them post things, and you post things, but it's not a real friendship any more. Some of them only go on there to play games and never really "reconnect".
I have to say, there are a few people that I wish I WOULD HAVE NEVER friended. My step-mother is one of them. She is also friends with my adult son, and NEVER comments on his joyful pictures. She even once made it a point to comment that her daughter in law traveled so far to go to my son's wedding, etc, and doted over her being there, but never ONCE said anything on his FB page about his wedding TO him. And that really bothered me. She also has very outlandish views and the only time she does comment on my page, she usually has something "informative" and "all mighty truth" to say.
I also wish I never friended some old friends from where I used to work. We don't share the same values and we really have nothing in common. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone.
I do love it that my mother is on FB, because I can talk to her so easily now.
Other than that, the best people I know on FB are people I have never met in reality...odd how that works out.