Tuesday, January 17, 2012

800TH post!!

Wow! I really do blog quite a bit. I would like to use my 800TH post to give a shout out to all my readers!! I love that people are interested in things that I have to say. Things that are really important to me and also things that I just tend to write about.

A big Thank You to those that comment on my posts. It means a lot to me when I seek advice or questions and people take a little bit of there time to share stuff about their life with me.

A huge Thank you for all the bloggers who are birthmom's that speak the truth about adoption and show all sides to their feelings even if it's a good emotions or the raw emotions. I know sometimes it's hard to open your heart to blog the very sad things but I believe it's therapy to many who blog about adoption.

Two thumbs up to the adoptive parents that can see all sides of adoption and are brave enough to blog about it. When I read how your heart breaks for your child's birthparents might heart just melts. When I read your blog posts about your outings with your child's birth parents it makes me smile to see that there are adoptive parents who not only honor and respect their agreement to an open adoption but see that it's all good. Can a child have it any better than to have two sets of parents who would give the child the sun and the moon. Or throw themselves in front of a moving truck to save the life of a child.

A big thank you goes to the adoptive parents who comment on my blog here or the private one. In the years of blogging, you have helped me see adoptive parents in a different light. I used to think all mean things but now I know that yes there are bad adoptive parents but also some pretty neat ones too. I also thank the adoptive parents who list birth parent blogs on their blog. I wonder if the ones that list our blogs and comment on our blogs are the ones that get adoption isn't all sunshine and rainbows. They have opened themselves up to learning about adoption from others point of view.

A big hug goes to the adoptees who blog their stories about adoption from their heart. They are the only innocent ones who did not have a say as a baby but I love that the adoptees who blog are finding a voice to speak what's on their mind and hearts. Even though, I don't get into doing adoption reform, I love that there are adoptees who fight for the cause that they so believe in. My heart goes out to the adoptees who want to know their birthparents but are rejected by them. While, I get the shame that goes into adoption and the secrets.. I just can't imagine rejecting my child. Please know it's not you. You are beautiful in every way and they are hurting and could be afraid of losing "the baby" all over again if they let you in.

To the adoptees who are secrets in your birthparents life for that I am sorry. You all deserve to not be hidden from others. I hope I do my daughter justice but even I probably am guilty by not getting into the uncomfortable talks about my daughter especially with my Mom. One thought to consider is if the parents of the birthparents wanted "the baby" adopted out that reunion with the grandparent could be almost impossible. I still fear that my Mom could sabotage my relationship with my daughter. I have zero proof that this could happen other than the fact that she wanted my daughter gone and swept under the rug.

Lastly to the adoptees thanks a huge bunch for answering my questions about stuff wondering who my daughter might feel about this or that. It has really made a difference in the things that go through my mind.

Thanks to all my readers that have stuck with me blogging even though I don't always blog about adoption anymore.

If anyone is interested in an invite to my private blog just let me know. All I request is that you have a profile and a blogger yourself. Also, here is another blog that I write in if your ever interested in other parts of my life. Athough, I don't blog from there too often. But feel free to check it out here.

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Campbell said...

Congratulations on your 800th post. Wow : )