Monday, January 30, 2012


Court went well. My children's father did show up with his paychecks stubs so I took that as if he had already in his mind was at peace with it being court ordered. I didn't have to do much talking. He agreed that our son was living with me but said we were only in court cause we had an fight. He lied about paying the full amount he agreed to but I wasn't going to argue in court. I just wanted it settled for the future months. My ex did most of the talking but it worked out in my favor. Actually, I think it's best for all of us. We were fighting doing it "his" way.

The judge ordered the 28% of his income which is a total of 107 per check and that's twice a month.

Basically, it comes down to Dad paying me 53.00 a week for his share of raising two children. I am happy with this result.

I had to fill out two forms to get the support going. One of them was ever so confusing and I almost started to cry. Lawyers get paid good money but I can't afford one. Actually, the cases that were being heard in court that kept getting pushed back were the ones with lawyers. So, I guess people with money fight more.

After, I filled out the paperwork, we took it to his office where he works. Guess who I seen? His sister so I am sure he knew that I acted fast.

Hopefully, it will be in time for his next check and I think by law they have to do it.

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Karen said...

After it's all said and done, I'm very proud of you, my friend. You stood up for something you believed was the right thing to do.
I hope this sets your husband's mind at ease too, and allows you to move on.