Friday, January 6, 2012

I haven't blogged in a while about MELD. They seemed to take a long break in between starting the next session and boy did I need the break. I will be volunteering every other monday night for babysitting. I am going to try to use the free time for a Y night with my kids.

Off the subject of MELD

My oldest son has been living with me for a month now. It's not official as we haven't been to court or anything. I want to avoid doing that but most likely I will have to use the court system to get him to pay his fair amount of child support. It's working all right so far. My husband is doing the early morning shift of making sure he gets up and out the door for school. Plus, he is home when I am working so he feels that my ex owes him money.

One of my concerns with my oldest son is that he is really lazy. It doesn't matter what it is.. he wants things done for him or he does it the easiest way possible.

I make him take the bus to school and home and what I would like to see is that he get a job. He is only is school for about five or so hours and there is plenty of time for a part time job. We need to talk to his school and see how he is doing and see if the plan is GED or go for the diploma. I would love for him to graduate with a diploma but it would be at least two more school years.

I can't guarantee that past 18 if he isn't doing more than a few hours of school and playing video games and watching movies if he will be able to continue to live with me. Some of it will have to do with just plain being able to afford to feed and cloth him. Another part of it is that for the most part he isn't doing anything around here as far as chores ect. He happens to the person with the most free time. Honestly, me personally, I am a Mom and don't think I would have the heart to kick him out but my husband might think otherwise.

It's not easy dealing with teenagers but it is easier having him here full time than just every other weekend.

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