Monday, January 23, 2012

Child support follow up post

I thought I would do a follow up post on child support coming from a little bit my husband claims he has heard from men over the years.

My husband has told me that many many times he has heard men complain about paying child support to their exes. They would get angry because they are giving money to the ex and don't really think about how the money is to support the children. He has heard men complain about women (mom's) going out or if the mom's get new things.

Personally, when a Dad or Mom pays child support it's money that goes into the household. Yes. It's for the child but it's not as if someone would go to the store and buy the child his/her share of groceries ect. Or when you pay the bills to say okay this dollar amount is the child's share.

My husband and I were talking and went with the old amount of my child's Dad paying 300 a month for two kids. So, the judge is saying that it cost 600 a month to raise two kids. 300 from the Dad and 300 from the Mom. We joked about splitting up the money at the store and bill paying time but realized that after if we did that with the house payment that we couldn't even pay my children's fair share of the payment from the child support.

My husband has never been on either end of child support because his first wife and him didn't break up until after their children were grown. He told me that even though times were rough he knew he wouldn't want to pay child support and it was cheaper for his wife and him to support them together than apart.

One more week until we go to court. I have an IEP meeting tomorrow at Stephen's school, a doctor's appointment at Stephen's doctor's and Alex has a dentist appointment on Friday. I am losing two days of income to make two out of three appointments this week.

Maybe, I will see if I can get my husband to write a post for me on this subject coming from his thoughts on this coming from someone who is raising another man's children.

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