Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two years

My husband has been sober for two years now! It's the marked anniversary of the seizure that sent him to the floor at his work and then the hospital. He slowed down on drinking mostly due to lack of funds to support his addiction. It wasn't because he wanted to quit or he was doing it for me. He was broke. We were broke. Well, that's my impression of it all.

He has came out of the ordeal without a desire to drink. He doesn't promise that the desire won't ever come back. He hasn't ever been two years sober probably since he was 30 years of age.

I made him a nice Fried Chicken dinner. I thought it was the least I can do. That and I plan on taking him two roses for his birthday. I call it a birthday because it's like a renewed chance at life. It's not just his life but his whole family has been given a second chance to see the person he could be if drinking wasn't on his mind 24/7. I remember how his goal for the day was to earn 18.00 dollars so he could smoke and drink. I felt like the whole household was on my shoulders because his caring stopped at his smokes and drinking. He would use whatever mean things he could say to support his addiction if he didn't make it.

I do not believe we would be married today if he was drinking. I do not believe that my family would be intact and as happy as we are if he was drinking. I do not think that I would still have my house if he was drinking. By the way, our house has been saved and is no longer in danger of foreclosure due to the government program put in place.

Tonight, I told my husband something that I have been holding in. He has this glass that he mostly drank his booze from. It's not a shot class but a see through cup like a coffee cup. I told him every time I see water in that cup that I get scared and taste it. Every time, it's just stale water and I feel foolish. I just can't stop thinking of Vodka when I see that cup.

My husband hunted that cup out of the cabinet and threw it away. I know he is a recovery alcoholic but I firmly believed he has stumbled on some miracle cure. I am so proud of him. I am amazed at the changes in him.

He know longer goes to work and thinks I just need to make X amount of dollars for my addictions. Of course, he never called them that even though he knew that it was what it is. Now, he works and sometimes it's still wanting to make X amount for a bill or this or that but it's never just about feeding his addiction.

My husband has changed in many other ways and mostly just good. For privacy reasons, I won't blog about the one thing that has changed.

I blogged about this because if others are living with addiction or a loved one there is hope that they can beat it. We are still working on the smoking but I am not holding my breath!

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Jenn said...

That's so awesome! I love reading about stories like this. Alcoholism is a disease and it's wonderful to hear about people beating it. Good for him, and great for you!