Thursday, May 26, 2011

Son always loses everything

I know I have a few teachers that read my blog or I think I do. My son is 11 and has always had special needs and he has a IEP in place and will be moving on to the middle school next year. I am sad,scared and also excited for him. I cried today because I am afraid of the kids being mean to him because he doesn't have very good social skills.

One example, is at his new school, he ran into a lady and didn't say anything to her. It doesn't faze him as rude even though we tell him it is.

Right now, we are having a huge problem with him losing things. In the past six weeks he has lost the following.

  • A gym back with towel and swimming shorts.
  • Another towel from swimming
  • A hard plastic case from a book on digital form.
  • His teachers book.
There have been other items in the past six months that he has lost. Has anyone have any suggestions on a system to make him better at being able to not misplace things? Or anything comes to mind? I don't want to not ever give him anything for fear of him losing stuff.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am worried about my son going to middle school too. I would keep on giving him things and then when he lost them I would make sure to remind him that he is far more important than any THING on earth.

Adoptee said...

It kind of depends on what his diagnosis (if he has any) is.

You may just want to work on some memory games or memory tricks with him. My son is totally forgetful and loses things all the time. Maybe you could give him a word to remember at the beginning of each day, and he can work on remembering it. That will strengthen his memory (by strengthening the connections in his brain).

Have you considered a smaller school? My son has an IEP and is mainstreaming next school year... I put him into a charter school. They can't deny kids based on disability, you know. =)

Much smaller schools are sometimes better places to learn social skills.

Good luck. =)

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks for the memory suggestion. I will have to give it a try. I don't know if there is any smaller schools. His school was only grade 3rd through 5th so he has had that advantage all through grade school. I have had a trusted teacher from my past look at his IEP and she says he is a hard child to place but I can't remember her reasoning.