Sunday, May 22, 2011

My ex husband has remained single mostly since our divorce. I have known he had a girlfriend who quickly came the fiance for a couple of weeks. However, my son was quite shocked that she was around the whole weekend. I think they are living together. It's not my business and I been trying to keep an open mind but it's hard because his first girlfriend tried to give me parenting advice.

Well, my son called me upset because she wouldn't let him play. My ex told her he was special needs and suddenly he wasn't being allowed to do the things he once was used to. This is my 11 year old son who just visits every other weekend.

They pulled up and sure enough the parenting advice came out. I guess there is a school for autistic children who go all year around. He could take the special bus and go there.

I guess they don't know that I go to IEP meetings and they think for my son to be in a class with only special needs would be doing him wrong. Also, he has been taking the big boy bus since Kindergarten. Why would I want to put him in a special bus for special kids?

I don't want my son to go to school year round. He will go to four weeks of summer school and there is 8 weeks of a free to low cost camp where he has loved to go. My son maybe special needs but most don't believe he has autism. Did I mention that talked about this stuff in front of him? My son does have learning disabilities but am I wrong for wanting my kid to be a kid? I can't shelter him forever? He has to grow and make the best of what he can get from being a child out in the mean world with a disability.

This is going to be interesting to see how my children deal with her. I wish them the best but I know how the friction from children from another marriage can have a possibility for causing the relationship to suffer.

My ex said that his girlfriend has lit a fire under his ass to be a better parent. I only hope the wanting to be a better parent isn't only about having a girlfriend. My son has lived with his Dad not showing much interest but I wouldn't want him to get attention and lose it again.

My oldest son has told me that when Dad has a girlfriend he acts all fake and puts on a show for them.

This is really going to be kind of fun to see what happens with this relationship. I hope it works out because my oldest son could use another person riding him about school and stuff.

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Jenn said...

I think you're right for wanting your son to have a normal life, ie not school all year long. You're his mother, not her and I think that you probably know best. Another opinion is nice, but that's all it is, an opinion. Tough situation, but you sound like an awesome mom who will do the right thing for her kids :-)