Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of 5th ten week session

Monday night was the end of the 5th session of volunteering for MELD. My little sister started volunteering with me a few weeks ago and it's been nice having her there helping out. We also had another girl volunteering but she didn't show this last day.
The driver is no longer sticking around and for the most part it's okay. Although, we did have quite a few babies and it was hard to deal with the children that misbehave. It seems like we have a good week and then a bad week when it comes to how well they behave. I think the difference is in the 3rd person to help out.
We were totally out numbered when a Mom walked in with three children. So, I called the driver and he came back and helped out.
I suggested an idea that I have been thinking of but withheld it. I suggested that during each ten week session that the Mom's rotate being in the daycare to assist us with the children. I said it would help them to see what we do and what goes into taking care of so many children. I often wonder when Mom's come in and see their child fussing and the hands are just not available to tend to them if they wonder if we are choosing one child over another. It's not like that happens often because I have gotten pretty good at holding two children at once. I said it might help for them to understand daycare even if they're day to day lives when it comes to taking their child in.

He really liked my idea and said he would pass it on. He didn't know if it would go or not because they mostly want the Mom's in group. Also, don't know if it could be reliable or not. However, I am not thinking it as in counting them as being the child care provider. There would still be the two of there no matter what.

The driver said they needed to know if we were coming back or not. I looked at my sister and said you want to come back and she said, "sure" So, I agreed to as well. Honestly, I couldn't keep coming with the way it's been without a second person and possible third person.

Right now, we will be on a little break and then we will start back up again. I will look forward to meeting possibly new babies, new mom's and of course I expect some of the mom's and babies will return.

I love how they just know me. How some of the babies will settle down if I hold them compared to another and how the kids just follow me in and saying toys. I love how one little boy poops his diaper every evening and when I say it's time to change your diaper he runs into the little house and it's just a fun game for him.

I am so thankful that my little sister is willing to volunteer and help with the kids. It brings back some of the happiness that I find volunteering for MELD has given me.

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