Thursday, May 26, 2011

I kind of found this comment to cause me to explain myself more about my son and his habits of losing things.

I am worried about my son going to middle school too. I would keep on giving him things and then when he lost them I would make sure to remind him that he is far more important than any THING on earth.

Yes! My son is more important than anything on earth. However, people need things to learn,survive and amuse themselves and to grow as a person.

It's my job to teach my son the skills that he will need in the real world.

If I give him a few bucks for summer camp to get a hot dog or to get his lunch from BK on a trip, I don't want him going without because he loses the money.

I don't want my son deprived of reading a good book because his parents can't keep affording to pay the library back.

I don't want my son deprived of music because he loses his MP3 player or whatever device he has to listen to it with.

I could go on about what I don't want my son to lose out on because he lost his things.

I will say that this is the real world. If he loses items, I have to replace them if it's school or library related. If it's cash or a gift card, I have deal with my son's sad face and frustration of it.

My son is only 11 but he has to know that when you lose things it just doesn't magically reappear.

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