Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's been voted in Illinois, where I live that civil unions between the same sexes are allowed now. It's the choice of the Catholic Charities to stop doing adoptions because they won't adopt to same sex couples.
I don't know a lot about the Catholics but I have never liked the few things that I do know. One, is that they are against birth control, I guess cause God says we are suppose to procreate, but God forgot to mention that we are suppose to procreate then give the child away to people who can't procreate. Not trying to offend anyone, but messages to me are just conflicting. But since people procreate and can't take care of them we will offer adoptions to people who can't have children. I really don't believe their isn't profit to be made from adoptions for them. It's just my thoughts.

Well, anyways, for what I do know, I am glad that they won't be doing adoptions anymore. They shouldn't use religion to discriminate against people.

I did talk about this with my husband and he did say that we should give them credit for sticking up for what they believe.

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Leah said...

I'm a huge advocate for same sex civil unions. I think every one should have this right.

When I started the adoption process, I purposely chose an adoption agency not related to religion at all. I just don't think religion should be a determining factor on whether someone will be a good parent or not. The Catholic Charities was one agency that I just never really liked personally. Not trying to offend anyone, that was just my thought.