Monday, February 28, 2011


My van bit the dust. I called it my death mobile and it was scary. The decision is to trade it in. I tried to be a mini van Mom but I can't afford the gas. So, I will be buying a new car probably tomorrow.

So, in order to get to MELD, I asked for the MELD van to give me a ride. I got to ride with some of the Moms. It was cool to hear them talking about school and stuff. Also, just the pregnancy stuff that goes on with all pregnant girls.

I had three high school girls in the daycare to help because they have to do a project on volunteering in the community. It was the difference between night and day with how the children behaved. There was still some of the rough and tough boy stuff but mostly it was much lower key with playing pretend play and reading books. Normally, it's just me and the driver and as much as I like the driver. He just isn't into playing with the children. He will help if pushed come to shove but it's not the same as actually reading a book or pretending to have a picnic.

I really haven't been buying nothing for MELD lately. I have been buying things here and there for my grand daughter who spends about five days a week with us. I don't spend a lot. Just yesterday, I picked up to pairs of pj's for three dollars each. After I bought them, I felt guilty for being selfish. I buy for babygirl because I can actually see here wear the clothes and I find pleasure in that. However, I know that there are children that could use some new stuff too. Honestly, babygirl is well taken care of and probably doesn't need it as much as some of the MELD children may need stuff.

No way, am I going to stop buying babygirl stuff because I just find it so much fun. I am going to try to remember to pick things up for the MELD children too.

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